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How Does It Work When You Text a Landline?

If your customers message your non-text enabled business number, their texts go nowhere. The good news? Text-to-landline can be set up in just three simple steps.

1. Pick Your Number

We can text enable your existing landline number if your customers are already familiar with it. We can also set you up with a complimentary toll-free number, or select a new 10-digit number with an area code of your choice!

2. Send A Message

Send out your first group message or chat 1-on-1 with customers. From sales texts to fielding customer service questions, begin to communicate with your audience in a way that serves your needs and theirs!

3. Manage Replies

When your customers start to text you, you’ll want to be sure to answer in a timely fashion. Sort and respond to messages directly from your desktop inbox or on the go with the mobile app for iOS and Android.

How Text-to-Landline Boosts Customer
Engagement And Satisfaction For Your Organization

Text marketing gives you all the tools you need to build and grow your small business, increase revenue, and exceed expectations.

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Group Texting

In addition to chatting one-on-one, you can also send messages to groups!

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Multiple Numbers

With our multi-number feature, you can assign teammates their own number making sure messages get to the right person. As an admin, you can check in on inboxes and jump in to provide assistance if needed.

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With our easy-to-use inbox, you can easily see and manage messages and contacts!

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Custom Templates

Create templates for some of your most frequently used text messages. Save time and avoid the need to scour previous conversations just to copy and paste.

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Share Photos And Files

Your messages aren’t just limited to text. Share photos, files, and other rich media with your customers through MMS (multimedia messaging service).

Frequently Asked Questions About Text-Enabling
Landline Numbers

Here are some of the most common queries we receive from folks before they make the switch!

Can I use my existing landline for text messaging?

Yes! We can text-enable your current 10-digit number, even if it’s a landline or VoIP. If your business needs an additional number, we can get you set up with a new local number of your choice or a toll-free number.

Will my voice service be affected?

No. Text-enabling your landline or existing phone number will not impact your voice service in any way. You’ll still receive calls as usual.

Can I text large groups?

Yes! You can text individuals and groups.

Can customers text my landline?

Yes! You can send and receive text messages from your landline.

Do I need any additional hardware?

No additional hardware is required to text-enable your landline.

Can I text-enable an 800 number?

Yes. Once an 800 number is text-enabled, it can receive and send text messages.

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